Bradley School

The Bradley School is a licensed, private academic school for elementary and secondary students. The school serves students who reside at The Bradley Center as well as students who commute from surrounding school districts in a day program.  All programs are operated according to the guidelines by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in regards to curriculum standards and special education regulations, and all of our teachers are certified by PDE; highly structured classrooms are supported by highly qualified teacher assistants, master’s level therapists, and a certified principal/special education supervisor.

Breakfast, lunch, an after school snack (through The National School Lunch Program), and supper (through The Child And Adult Food Care Program) is provided as part of tuition and summer meals are available for all students. For more info please visit

Our school specializes in providing students with highly individualized programming to help them achieve their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.  This is achieved through the use the of the Sanctuary Model, Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART), and the School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program.

Therapeutic Recreational Activity Center

Therapeutic Recreational Activity Center

Performance learning tasks and assessments are utilized in the process of developing our students’ academic skills within a classroom that has a maximum of 12 students.  Modern technology consistently enhances instruction since all of our classrooms are equipped with interactive SmartBoards and 3-5 student computers.  Additionally, students have access to two fully equipped computer labs for research and skill remediation using on line programs.

All of our students who are age 14 or older participate in intensive, individualized transition planning.  Students daily are involved with career preparation skills through the use of the Daniel Memorial Curriculum/Independent Living Skills Curriculum, on campus internships, community outings, and structured daily living skills.  We have partnered with local businesses and a shelter workshop when individual students are safe to transition to off campus internship experiences.  Most excitingly, our high school students spend at least three hours a week in our specialized LabVolt lab.  Students learn actual job related skills through on line modules paired with hands on learning in this brand new technology lab exploring the following areas.




  • Computer Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Flight Simulation
  • Meteorology
  • Ecology
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Photography
  • Consumer Sciences
  • Introduction to Technology
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Video Production


Day School

The Bradley School also serves local students in the area who commute back and forth from home daily.  Students are referred to the Bradley School by their local school district due to our expertise in working with students who are at risk and need a small, structured classroom to be successful.  The goal of the Bradley School’s Day Program is to create an individualized education program to help each student  successfully return  to the public school once they are ready.  While at the Bradley School, students participate in community outings and focus on developing skills for life after high school.  Students who attend the Day School are still students of their home district and can typically participate in after school activities with the district.  Additionally, some students attend the Bradley School only a half day because they spend the rest of their day back in the public school or at a Career and Technical Center.

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