Wish List

We greatly appreciate and warmly welcome your donation to The Bradley Center. Whether your gift comes in the form of a charitable contribution or a toy, your generosity will lift a child’s spirits.

Want to donate?
You can drop off donations at The Bradley Center (directions) or contact Pat Hargest to discuss your donation.

Gift Cards
Gift cards give the children a chance to get exactly what they want, and practice life skills like shopping, managing money, and using good manners in a public setting. Popular stores include Target, Wal-Mart, and Five Below.

Like most children, kids at Bradley love listening to music. But music can also be therapeutic, helping the kids calm themselves and regain control of their emotions. We need headphones, earbuds, CD players, and iPod Nanos to make that possible.
(Please: no devices with audio or video recorders)

The children at Bradley love to gather together to watch movies. We need DVDs rated G, PG, or PG13.

We strive to make the children’s rooms feel like home. We need posters, wall stickers, and fuzzy blankets to make the kids’ rooms warm and cozy.
(Please: no decorations with glass, mirrors, magnets, or sharp edges)

Games & Toys
Playing is important for any child, but Bradley’s children work so hard that recreation time is essential.

Video Games
We need age-appropriate games for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.
(Please: video games must be rated E or E10+)

Board Games and Puzzles
We need age-appropriate board games and puzzles (ages 7-18).

Favorites include Legos, K’nex, playing cards, matchbox cars, bubble wands, and Nerf balls.

 Basketball, soccer, wiffle ball, football, volleyball, and kickball are the sports of choice among the kids.

Arts & Crafts
The kids at Bradley love to express themselves. We need crayons, colored pencils, markers, notebooks, and coloring books.
(Please: no spiral notebooks or pencils, pens, or markers with sharp metal pieces)

Sometimes children come to Bradley with very little. We need new shirts, pants, socks, and underwear for children ages 7-18. Pittsbugh Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers gear is always popular.
(Due to regulations, we will be unable to accept gently used clothing as of November 1, 2014.)

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