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If you are trying to purchase tickets for Bradley’s A Gathering of Chefs, please go to our Eventbrite page.

The Bradley Center is a registered nonprofit organization, as defined by Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Why Bradley Needs Your Support

While third party reimbursement provides funding for food, lodging, education and therapy, we rely on community donations to provide for the many expenses that are not otherwise paid for by public funding. These expenses include such items as clothing, toys and recreational materials for our children. Donated funds are also necessary for program development, research and capital needs.

Help Us Build Lives of Possibility for our children by giving to Bradley.

If you would like more information, or have questions about making a donation, please contact Pat Hargest at 412-788-8219.

The Bradley Center
5180 Campbells Run Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

We greatly appreciate and warmly welcome your donation to The Bradley Center.

United Way
Give to Bradley through United Way using Contributor Choice #211.

Gift Card Drive
Donate gift cards to local department stores (Wal-Mart, Target) to enable the youth to shop. With the guidance of The Bradley Center staff, this valuable learning experience allows the residents to make personal selections, and practice life skills that will prepare them for the future. Your gift card of $10, $25 or more will provide clothing, shoes and personal hygiene supplies to the youth in need. Restaurant gift cards are welcomed and will be used for therapeutic purposes, and for medical outings.

Gift Drive
Pick a category and provide boxes at your place of work or worship. We suggest: arts and craft items, soft sox, pajamas, card games, game boards, MP3 players, ear buds, Lego’s, matchbox cars, Steeler/Pirates/Penguin items, nerf balls, stress balls, footballs, basketballs, Puzzles, Puzzle books, coloring book, “Hoodies”, matchbox cars and toys. The possibilities are endless and the rewards are priceless!!!

Please contact: Pat Hargest to help with this worthwhile experience.

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