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Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

The children and teens at Bradley have been confronted by many obstacles in their lives.  Many of the youth at Bradley come from backgrounds where anger, aggression and violence are common.  They come here to feel safe and develop coping skills, especially in expressing anger differently.  From there, the Bradley staff seeks to encourage them to think to the future.  This includes conversations and plans about jobs, life skills and development of positive peer interactions.

The Bradley Center is addressing anger issues through implementation of Aggression Replacement Training (ART).  ART is a multimodal intervention design to alter the behavior of chronically aggressive youth.  It is designed to teach a broad curriculum of pro-social behavior, anger control training and moral reasoning training.  Once trained, Bradley therapists work with the youth in group settings to replace negative behaviors like fighting and bullying with positive behaviors like negotiating differences and dealing appropriately with others.


Sanctuary (The Bradley Center is a Certified Sanctuary Provider)

The Sanctuary® Model is a blueprint for clinical and organizational change which, at its core, promotes safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of a trauma-informed community. A recognition that trauma is pervasive in the experience of human beings forms the basis for the Sanctuary Model’s focus not only on the people who seek services, but equally on the people and systems who provide those services. Developed in 1985 by Dr. Sandra Bloom, The Sanctuary® Model’s ultimate goal is to provide a therapeutic organizational environment that assists children who have experienced trauma in the process of recovery through healing. The Model provides a theoretical framework that complements Bradley’s mission as we work to build “lives of possibility” for the children and families we serve.

The concept of SELF: safety, emotion, loss and future assists us on a daily basis as we shift the focus from “what’s wrong with you” to “what has happened to you” and “how can we help?” We also adhere to the Seven Commitments of Sanctuary which are:

  1. Non-violence – being safe outside (physically), inside (emotionally), with others (socially) and to do the right thing (morally)
  2. Emotional Intelligence – managing our feelings so that we don’t hurt ourselves or others
  3. Social Learning – respecting and sharing the ideas of our teams
  4. Shared Governance – shared decision making
  5. Open Communication – saying what we mean and not being mean when we say
  6. Social Responsibility – together we accomplish more; everyone makes a contribution to the organizational culture
  7. Growth and Change – creating hope for our clients and ourselves


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