What types of services do you have?
Bradley’s core services are comprised of a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), and the Bradley School. These programs provide services for children with mental, emotional and behavioral disabilities.

Why do children come to Bradley?
Children are referred to Bradley because of our reputation for working successfully with children and adolescents suffering from severe psychological and emotional trauma.

How old are the children and what is their gender?
Generally, children are between six and 18 years old. Bradley provides services to both boys and girls.

How long do they stay?
The average length of stay in our RTF is 8 to 10 months, but this varies depending upon individual needs. During their stay, children are served by teams of qualified mental health and child development professionals, including board-certified psychiatrists.couple_photo2

Do they have contact with their families?
Yes. Bradley works closely with the child and the family through regular family therapy sessions. Families are an integral part of the treatment team and help to develop the treatment goals. The families are able to have daily phone contact with their child. Visitation is encouraged and creates an opportunity to work on family goals. Visitation can range from visiting at the agency to weekends in the home depending on where the child is in his/her treatment.

Do they receive educational services?
Yes. Bradley has a licensed, private academic program that is staffed by professional educators. The education program is also available to local school districts in support of their special education needs.

Is Bradley accredited? Is it regulated?
Bradley is accredited nationally by The Joint Commission, licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (OCYF), Department of Education, and Department of Health. Policies and procedures reflect the high standards of the state and federal laws and regulations.



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